How to Write a Nursing Research Paper

As a nursing student you are expected to write your nursing research paper. There are three parts to a nursing research paper including the introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion. These sections should adhere to specific guidelines that will help you write an effective nursing research paper. Remember to cite your sources properly to ensure that they are acknowledged and you do not get into trouble.

Theoretical foundation of nursing research

Based on their theoretical base the research papers of nurses can be classified. Theory-guided research improves nursing knowledge by describing the reason why an intervention is effective and how it affects patient outcomes. Theories can also be useful to use in practice, as they can inform nursing practice more effectively. They also add to the body of knowledge existing about specific medical issues.

A variety of books on nursing theory are available in the library. These books include citations of important journal articles that help readers understand the fundamentals that underlie nursing. These books can also provide details on the background and aid with your research. A book on nursing theory, for instance could provide a good overview about different theories. This will allow you to do further research into a particular subject.

Many online nursing papers theories include assumptions that explain the relationships between concepts. The assumptions help clarify the meaning of concepts and explain their relationships. A theory could be operational or theoretical, based on the nature of the assumptions. The latter type of theory offers an overall view of nursing while the former provides a more narrow perspective.

Because nursing is both an art and a science, it is write my nursing research paper vital to conduct research in nursing within a theoretical framework. Research without theory is nothing more than a collection of information without context. The theory helps define the research questions and assists the researcher in design analysis, analysis, and interpretation. Nursing science is a complicated combination of unique knowledge and borrowed knowledge which could make it difficult to establish a connection between research and theory.

A nursing theory will only be effective if there are definitions and concepts. It must explain relationships between the components and how they relate to one another. In the same way, it should provide information that will help aid in the process of nursing. Therefore, it is crucial to have a good understanding of the theories before it can be put into practice.

Nursing theories are usually developed by nurses. They can influence the work of doctors. Some nurses use multiple theories to explain their work. Some theories are grand theories, that provide a complete picture of the nursing profession. Some theories are middle-range theories. These theories focus on specific phenomena and are based on grand theories.

Paragraphs for the body

A nursing research paper follows an established structure. The Abstract, Main Body and Reference Page are the most important elements of a nursing research paper. Each section should be appropriately named and include information on the topic. The title should also grab the attention of readers. Avoid abbreviations or words that don’t have any significance. The abstract should be at minimum 250 words long. It should include keywords.

A well-written body paragraph adheres to the structure of the thesis statement and includes examples that prove the main idea. A body paragraph is generally shorter than one or two paragraphs and will contain several quotes or paraphrases. It should also justify its use to the reader. It should be concise and yet sensible.

A nursing essay should demonstrate the student’s ability to present the topic, construct an argument that is coherent, and communicate to the reader the main concept of the essay. The essay should demonstrate the writer’s ability to balance specific and general arguments. The student also exhibits an ability to think critically by connecting specifics to larger concepts. To avoid mistakes the writer must pay attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation.

When writing research papers for nursing It is essential to gather all of the main concepts and arguments before writing the paper. Numerous prewriting exercises are beneficial for this process. One of them is brainstorming. This activity is designed to collect as many ideas as you can and then draft an outline. Another method is mindmapping where students arrange their thoughts in circles.

Making an outline is essential for any kind of writing. It helps you organize your essay, but can also help you organize your research. The outline can assist you in visualizing the information that you have gathered while writing a nursing research paper. It can also help decide what to focus on when writing your essay.


Research papers in nursing should conclude with a summary of the main findings. It should also emphasize the themes that support the thesis. The conclusion should be a clear summary of the study’s findings. It should be at least 150 words long, although this may vary depending on your institution, instructor, or publisher.

A valid conclusion must include the research issue as well as the relevant literature. The issue should be easily identified relevant to nursing and have a rational foundation. It should be compatible with the study’s conceptual framework, scientific framework, or ideology. The literature review should provide a summary of the current knowledge on the subject.

A compelling thesis statement should be included in the final paragraph of the nursing research paper. It should define the main purpose of the research paper. It should also be precise enough to justify its argument. The evidence should also be strong and accurate. The research paper must be formatted in accordance with the instructions and guidelines given by the professor.

A nursing research paper must clearly define its goals and methods. This will help the reader understand the reason for the research. A well-crafted conclusion serves as a focus point for the study. It should also be reproducible. It should be easy to replicate by other researchers. This way, it will become a valuable instrument to advance the field of nursing.

Research papers in nursing must also contain ethical guidelines for conducting the research. It must be conducted in accordance with most rigorous standards in investigational ethics. The integrity of the person conducting the investigation, reliability of the findings and the proper procedures for determining authorship and ownership are some aspects that need to be taken into consideration.

A nursing research paper can be either quantitative or qualitative. The research question will determine the research strategy. Quantitative research seeks to gather empirical evidence. This allows researchers to examine whether their findings can be applied to other areas. This research method can be used for experiments and non-experimental research. Descriptive research involves gathering information and describing a phenomena.

Works that are cited

The journal used will determine the style of citations used in nursing research papers. Some use APA style, while others follow Harvard style. In a recent study we looked at the style of reference citations used in 39 nursing journals and found that one third of the journals offered examples of how to refer to literature in their articles.

Nursing literature focuses on the patient’s treatment. This means that nurses rarely publish their own work and typically cite articles they have read. This is in contrast with the history field which emphasizes the writing and maintenance of books. Despite this, citation rates for nursing are low.

No matter if a piece of work is published in an academic journal or not, it is important to properly cite its sources. It is crucial to use consistent citations. However, citing a data set in the text should be in the same format as the reference list. Authors should not use gendered terms. Instead of using “nurse”, authors should employ “nurse” instead.

The Works Cited page should contain the list of all sources used in the research paper. The page’s title should be central and double-spaced. The entries should be centered and should be indented with a hanging. The first line of each entry should be in line with the left margin and indented a half-inch on the next line. The list should be sorted alphabetically, beginning with the first author’s last name or work title.

Remember to adhere to the APA guidelines for writing the nursing research paper. This style is the most commonly used in nursing literature. It is also used in nursing professional development programs. It is essential to train staff nurses to publish research findings and quality improvement projects or innovative ideas. It is essential to be able to reference important literature in order for accuracy and credibility.

The eighth edition of the MLA Handbook is shorter and simpler. It guides writers through the process of reviewing sources and creating relevant entries for the list of works cited. It also provides tips on identifying and using databases to conduct research.